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Our pole dance classes offer a fun, exciting and stimulating workout that encourages sensual movement, while conditioning and strengthening the entire body. We pride ourselves on fostering a nurturing and celebratory environment, welcoming all body types and fitness levels.

We want to see each and every one of our students succeed and achieve their personal goals safely, while embracing and respecting their bodies and abilities. All of the timeframes listed for each class tier are average guidelines, but we strongly encourage each student to move forward through their levels at their own pace.

Level Pole Dance Classes

Start Here!


*minimum 3-5 classes required before moving up to Beginner Pole Dance

This essential class is the perfect introduction to pole dance & sensual fitness for absolute beginners. Learn the language of the pole, such as holds, basics spins, dance moves and conditioning, with an emphasis on injury prevention. We incorporate beautiful, low impact floor work to help build upper body and core strength while promoting flexibility and confidence. All of our floor work moves become an integral and necessary part of the dance element in future levels.


Once you have your essentials down (minimum 3-5 Pole Essentials classes)and feel comfortable with your basic pole techniques, holds and spins, we begin preparing for inversions and climbs, as well as a whole set of new spins, combinations and freestyle dancing. You will need to bring a pair of shorts to this class and leg warmers are optional, but always fun!
You must be comfortable and confident with your inverts, handstands and climbs before moving forward into Intermediate Pole.


This is when you really start to break out those show-stopping moves! We take you higher up the pole, into impressive inverted poses, stunning spins and gravity defying holds! Learn a multitude of challenging climb variations, triple combo spins and deliciously gymnastic floor work.


Imagination is the only limit in this level. Your strength is tremendous and your confidence, unwavering. It’s going to get a little Cirque de Soleil in here! Advanced students work on drops, lifts, flag holds and aerial inverts. Once they reach this level, our students start mastering their favourite moves based on their own pole personality, preferences and style; seizing their potential and challenging their boundaries. Bring in your own tricks for the class to try!

Specialty Pole Dance Classes


This class is where big changes are made! Suitable for Beginner Pole level students and up, we challenge you with conditioning & strength training moves on and off the pole to help you develop strong, lean muscle and a powerful upper body & core. We will also teach you injury prevention & therapeutic techniques for optimal pole performance.


This class is designed for Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced level students. Focusing on creating a strong dance element to compliment your pole work. Build confidence with more challenging spins, combinations, dance transitions and flow sequences.


Choreo One

For our Beginner Pole students, we choose a piece of music and take a lyrical approach to pole dance; incorporating a selection of our beginner moves, transitions and floor work into a mini choreographed routine.

Choreo Two

For our Intermediate and Advanced students, we put together a show quality performance, with a focus on synchronizing floor work and transitions and punctuating movement with our music.


Handstands and headstands and rolls, oh my! Calling all Intermediate, Advanced and ambitious Beginner ladies who want to work on freestanding handstands and headstands, independent of and against the pole. With spotting and coaching, we focus on balance and core control to master these tricky moves! Each week you will also be introduced to an impressive new flip or roll on the floor.


In this sexy one hour pole class, we show you how to move with fluidity like an exotic dancer. Learn to control your stilettos and gain a powerful core and full-body toning through dance, wall work and sexy floor moves.

Aerial Classes

FlyGym Aerial Fitness™ is a holistic aerial fitness system that helps individuals of all ages and abilities achieve optimal fitness and well-being in a fun & safe suspended environment. Improve strength & body awareness, increase joint mobility, decompress the spine, and find creativity and joy in physical activity.


The stretchy fabric sling allows for a 360 degree range of motion, offering deep tissue stretching and helps to create a greater fluidity of motion in the joints, leaving you feeling more limber and open. Suspend or invert in the sling from the floor or mid-air and let gravity assist you in releasing stress and tension throughout your whole body.


Suitable for all levels, the stretchy, tensile fabric of the Fly Gym makes it ideal for resistance training for the entire body. Tone, lift and sculpt legs, abs & upper body and feel that oh-so-good burn! We work on inverts both from the floor and suspended mid-air and incorporate beautiful leg wraps and poses.


In this Intermediate/Advance level Aerial class we combine circus rolls, flips and aerial yoga sequences, to create fluidity in your aerial movement.

You must be comfortable inverting with the apparatus without assistance and complete a test sequence from your instructor before taking this class.