10 Henderson Ave.
Brampton, ON


Private classes offer an incredible opportunity for personal growth! All one-on-one or semi-private sessions are booked based on instructor and studio availability. Each session is priced per hour.

Privates can be arranged for Pole, FlyGym, Burlesque & Hula Hoop

Take your stage performance to another level
Perfect for Shy Girls

Put together a routine for a show or for your partner
Target specific needs with personal training


One Hour Private
One Hour Semi-Private
5 Private Session Pass


$80 plus tax
$120 plus tax
$350 plus tax


1 Person
2 people
$70 per class for one person
To book a private session, please contact us at info@brassbelles.ca or call at (905) 450-7746. If you have a specific instructor you wish to work with, please include their name in your email and your information will be forwarded to them directly.