10 Henderson Ave.
Brampton, ON


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Brass Belles provides me with a variety of workouts that keep me motivated and interested without sacrificing fun. I love the ability to experiment with options that include everything from low impact classes that get me moving to intense body transforming classes that have me considering two-piece swimwear again! The flexible schedule is perfect for me because I travel a lot for work. Be daring, be fearless, be yourself- the studio has the most welcoming environment. Beware, the sexiness is infectious!
Reahannon, 27
National Account Manager


I have never enjoyed the gym atmosphere, but I look forward to going to my classes at Brass Belles every week! The classes are challenging, but we progress at our own pace. There is a great sense of camaraderie between the instructors and members and it is so inspiring to see each other’s progress week after week. I am stronger than I have ever been and I have more self-confidence. Thank you for 4 great years of fun and fitness! I can’t wait for my next class…
Carole, 46
Pharmaceutical Rep

I discovered Brass Belles about a year ago when I was looking for something that would help me get fit and have fun at the same time. Not only did I find that, I found something that gave me a new confidence with my body. I became comfortable in my own skin. The atmosphere is fun and completely relaxed. I have never been a part of something that has made me feel so good about myself, all with the help from the fantastic instructors and the ongoing encouragement from the other women in class. Thank you for giving me something I have found such a passion for!
Heidi, 25
Commercial & Residential Painter


This is a serious workout ladies! Not only do you have your chance to bring back the inner-diva amidst your day-to-day, but your cardio, strength and fitness improves, and quite frankly, I feel like the little gymnast I used to be way back when! It's non-competitive, non-judgemental, pure unadulterated sexy fun! I tried my first class just to see what the hype was about. Here I am 9 months later and completely addicted!!
Marivi, 36
Environmental Health Officer


Brass Belles has empowered me as a woman. It provides me with a whole new level of fitness that is not only challenging, but FUN! I highly recommend it to all women of different ages, shapes and sizes!!!
Heather, 28
Office Administrator


I was quite nervous to go to the first class, thinking I'd be on display and would have to perform somehow. I almost didn't go and I'm so glad that I did! The instructors are all incredibly warm, friendly, and supportive. They complement every effort and support you no matter what you do. There is no pressure at all to be sexy or amazing. It’s all about fun, community and empowerment through developing a skill, building strength and getting some exercise. After 9 months of attending classes, I no longer have a problem with my back going out (which used to happen frequently), I can go upside down on the pole which is a huge confidence booster, and I have a place to go where I can have fun, be free and feel like part of a community. I have even made new friends!
Elaine, 45